Flatwoods family,
I hope you were encouraged by our gathering on Sunday!  There was such a great spirit in the room that just spoke volumes.  Huge thanks to everyone who has a hand in making our gatherings so good and God-exalting.
I trust you have been able to focus on three rich words from Philippians 1:1-11…FELLOWSHIP, GOSPEL, and LOVE.  Remember that we desperately need Christ-centered community in our life.  The church is much more than an event to attend or a building we walk into.  As disciples of Jesus, we constantly need the church and the church needs us.  We say Christ-centered because “good church” comes under one heading who is Christ, and the glorious message of Jesus…the gospel.  Unlike predominate culture, the church is a community of believers who express love, care, and generosity regardless of affinity or lack thereof.  My prayer is that we will be a Christ-centered church that continues to grow in love even more and more.
Sunday night I enjoyed digging into what Paul calls the “fruit of righteousness.”  I believe Paul is once again speaking to a list he makes in Galatians and Colossians.  As we are rooted in Christ the fruit of righteousness or fruit of the Spirit will come to bear.  Here is what I shared with you….
My artwork wasn’t quite this good, but hopefully, this will be a visual reminder of what can be the reality when we are rooted in Christ.  As Paul mentions, these 9 fruits are a direct result of being rooted in Christ and are fruit of the Spirit.  
You also see four words to the right of the tree.  Here are 4 spiritual disciplines that can deepen your roots in your relationship with Jesus.  So look at your everyday life and ask…am I worshiping Jesus, learning about Jesus, communicating with Jesus, and growing with others in Christ-centered community.  
I am looking forward to coming together this weekend in celebration of what God is doing in us and through us.  
Much love,
Jonathan Johnson
– Pastor

– How can you deepen your fellowship with the local church?
How are you allowing the gospel to shape your identity?
– How can you actively love those in your sphere of influence?
[create conversation with your family around the breakfast or dinner table] 
– Read Philippians 1:1-11
– What was your favorite part of what we read?
– What are you most thankful for when you think about our family?
– How can we do a better of job of being good family, enjoying each other, and remembering the gospel?
If you didn’t catch Sunday’s sermon, you can watch it here…

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