Hey there Flatwoods family!
It was so good worshiping with you all yesterday. Then to follow that up with an incredible time together serving Mountain View with our annual Trunk or Treat…talk about a great day.
I have been anticipating jumping into Philippians 2 in our Better Together series. This has to be one of my top ten passages in the Bible. So much is packed in such a short few verses.
The past two weeks I have said, “How you understand the church determines how you understand the Christian life.”  By and large it is through the context of the local church that we learn to walk with Jesus.  So, our mental picture of the church and our definition of the church are vital.  Once those two are established, Philippians 2:1-11 comes alive.
We talked a lot about the nature and importance of humility within the church.  Paul basicly says there is no place for strife, conceit, and pride in the church.  We should strive to overcome these with unity, love, and humility. Humility is very difficult to accomplish, especially in the face of current culture.  Paul uses Christ as our ultimate example and benchmark for humility.
I want to make one caution coming off of Sunday’s sermon.  Let us not confuse leadership responsibility with pride.  Everyone has been given a certain amount of responsibility and sometimes leadership responsibility. Whether you are a mother, husband, business owner, or servant leader, there is responsibility.  It is not prideful to lead and lead well.  Children need to be led, families need leaders, marriages need leaders, and businesses need leaders.  It is not prideful to say, “This is the way we need to go, follow me as I follow Christ.”  We can exhibit humility in our leadership and we all have the ability to follow those in leadership.
Humility has so much to do with the motive of your heart.  As Flatwoods Baptist Church, let us continuely check our heart against Philippians 2:5-11.  Does our mind and heart match up with what we see in Jesus?
As you walk through your week remember to ask yourself, “How can I let my something turn to nothing so that Christ can be made something to someone.”  Have an incredible week living as those made in God’s image, who have covenanted together to carry out the great commission.  If you want to catch yesterday’s sermon, check out the link below.
Much love,
Jonathan Johnson

* Pray through Philippians 2:5-11
* When it comes to humility, what does Flatwoods need from me?
* Do I need to seek forgiveness because of conceit or strife?  Go to that person.
[creating conversation with your family around the breakfast or dinner table]
* Read Philippians 2:5-11
* What was your favorite part of what we read?
* What did you learn about Jesus from these verses?
* How can each of us live more like Jesus this week?

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