Flatwoods family,
I really enjoyed our time together this past weekend.  It was so good to gather together in celebration over what God is doing, anticipating what he will do, and reminding ourselves of the glorious gospel.
Thank you again for your love and care for my family over these first few weeks.  Our children are enjoying this new adventure in AR, and that sense of family is evident.
Thinking about Sunday, I am looking forward to walking through the book of Philippians together.  The Apostle Paul writes to this young church with such passion hoping they will remain in unity as they navigate the rough waters of culture.  He wants them to remain TOGETHER ever focusing on the gospel.  There is an overarching theme of TOGETHER throughout his letter.
Here was something I mentioned in my sermon last weekend…
When you think Flatwoods, do you think TOGETHER?  When you think of church, do you think of a people who are walking TOGETHER on this journey?
Here is what I hope…I want us to discover through this series what it is in scripture that convinces us that it is “BETTER TOGETHER.”
Flatwoods has walked through many changes over the past year, and I am sure will be walking through more changes.  We will walk through some highs, and I am sure we will walk through some lows, but here is what I know…I would much rather do it TOGETHER than divided…TOGETHER rather than alone…TOGETHER rather than splintered…because it is always BETTER TOGETHER.
So, if God meant TOGETHER and not alone, how can we…
• Be together for King Jesus
• Be together for the gospel
• Be the church together
• Be the church together on mission
BETTER TOGETHER…We only get one shot at this deal…let’s do it TOGETHER!
I believe we were all built for community, and the community we need is the local church.  I pray Christ will teach us about the beauty and importance of gospel-centered community, and we will walk away saying its BETTER TOGETHER.
• Bless, Eat, and Story
• Pray for gospel impact in Stone County
• Discover ways to display and speak the gospel to folks like Lydia, the slave girl, or the jailer (Acts 16)
AROUND THE TABLE  [creating conversation with your family around the breakfast or dinner table]
• Read Acts 16:11-34 aloud or tell the story
• What was your favorite part of what we read?
• Who can we pray for and go to?
Have a wonderful week!
God bless,

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