Flatwoods family,

It was great worshiping with you this past weekend.  Our worship gatherings are an ongoing reminder that we need the church and our worship should be for God’s glory not ours.  Through our worship gatherings we are pulled together for a common purpose and reminded of our common mission.  Also, as disciples of Jesus we need other disciples of Jesus walking alongside us as we continue to walk the ever changing path of life.   

This is one reason I was so excited to hear of so many spending time with their connect group Sunday evening.  I challenged connect groups to use Sunday night to grow in their love for Jesus, one-another, and others.  I pray Sunday night was a window into the beauty of connect groups and the vital role they play in Flatwoods.  Thank you for taking this evening serious and making time to be together! 




I started a short 3 sermon series last weekend revolving around Jesus as King.  This seems fitting and right as we journey through the Christmas season.  It was my desire to look back to a time in Israel’s history where the anticipation of their coming rescuer King was apparent. 

Christ our King has come!  We can say these words with great confidence, however there was a time in history where the sentence had to be a question rather than an emphatic statement.   

When will our King come?  Israel, although a nation with kings in her history, was waiting for a King like no other king.  The Old Testament, with all it’s personal dialogue, historical narration, poetic prose, and words of wisdom, is full of anticipation of a coming rescuer, a coming King.   

The prophet Isaiah delivers one of the most specific prophecies concerning this coming King in chapter 7 of Isaiah.  “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.”  The final word of this verse, which is the name of this King, gives us a clue into just how magnificent his coming will be.  He will be a man, but not just any man, this will be God with us or God with His people. 

Isaiah gets a little more specific as he continues his prophecy of this coming King.  He states, “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government will be on his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”  What a prophecy and what a statement.   I can since the weight of Isaiah’s prophect as He reaches across millenia to a time yet seen.   This King will be the king Israel always needed. 

These prophecies and many more give us a window into what may have been in the back of the mind of the Israelites, especially during their exile.   

During Advent we can for a brief season place ourselves in the shoes of Israel and ask, “When will our King come?”  We can since the darkness surrounding us with the current sin of our nation and our own lives.  We can feel the need for a Savior as we are continually pressured/tempted to find rescue in lesser gods and temporary substitutes to Immanuel. 

During Advent we wait patiently for this coming King, knowing all along that God is faithful and Christ has come just as Isaiah prophesied.  As you wait, spend time with Jesus.  Take time to talk with your children about the magnificence of this man.

I look forward to unfolding part 2 of our sermon series this Sunday!  
– Jonathan Johnson




Rest in King Jesus.  What is your strategy to find satisfaction in life? 

Listen to King Jesus.  Whose council are you listening to as you navigate life? 

Worship King Jesus.  What god/God are you worshiping this season? 

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