Connect Groups @ 9am  +  Worship @ 10am 


We are a gospel-centered church in the middle of Stone County striving to live like family.  Therefore, we say we are a diverse family under Christ who gather and scatter so that Stone County is transformed by Jesus.  We are a family of imperfect people looking to the perfect one who is Jesus.  

Flatwoods is not a building to sit in or an event to attend.  We believe the church should make known to the world the real Jesus.

We gather together, grow together, and go together.


If you are around Flatwoods for anything length of time, you will hear the word Gospel.  The gospel is the good news of Jesus.  It is the announcement that Jesus is King.  It is the story of God's never ending love.  Who we are and how we live is wrapped up in the gospel.  

The gospel in one word is Jesus.  The gospel in three words is Jesus is Lord.  

We believe the gospel, for every disciple of Jesus, should inform their identity.  Jesus's story reshapes our story.




Jesus is King, Lord, Savior, & friend.  Jesus is better than any temporary fix or cheep substitue.  Jesus is King, a King worth our allegiance.  As belivers in Christ, we bow our lives to King Jesus.  As we seek to continuely bow our lives to him we submit to Him and his ways.  We also believe Jesus is the one true Savior.  He is the only who can save and he is will to save to the uttermost.  

We desire all to discover that Jesus is better and Jesus is enough.  Stone County needs Jesus more than anything.


Church is more.  The church is much more than a building or weekend event.  The church was designed and formed to experience life-together.  Life-together under Christ is much of the focus of the New Testament.  This means humanity needs life giving community.

For many the Christian life is nothing more than worship events on the weekend with a daily life of isolation.  For some the church is nothing more than a new club to attend. This is not the design of Jesus, but rather a strong pull from dominate culture.  To fight individualism, we help every individual belong to and participate in radically loving, formative communities.


Mission is everyday.  Living on mission in the everyday stuff of life was the design of God for the church.  We desire to make Jesus known though word and deed.  The great commandment sums up our calling 

We are a disciple-making church and a church-planting church.  Christianity is not a spectator sport, but rather a full engaged walk with Jesus that calls others to life in Christ.



Gather: Prioritze gathering together 

Grow: Grow in wisdom and discernment with culture relevance.

Go: Go together in community living on mission.