List Of Ministries

Backpack Buddies
Led by Chris and Kalah Deitrick and Lori Isbell
Backpacks Buddies is a ministry that reaches the hearts and the needs of elementary children in Mountain View and Timbo. Every Friday of the school year a team meets and packs backpacks full of food for undernourished children. They also include some sort of symbol or activity that points these children to Christ in hopes to meet their spiritual needs.
It takes an hour to an hour and half each Friday to fill and distribute the backpacks. There is a rotating schedule so no one has to work every Friday. If you are interested in getting involved with this ministry contact Chris at 870-214-4750, Kalah at 870-214-6699 or Lori at 870-213-5094.
Upward Basketball
Led by Kevin and Leann Johnson
This ministry literally reaches hundreds of people every year. The purpose of Upward is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the players and their families and friends. The gospel is presented in every practice and half-time.
Upward takes place in the fall of the year and there are many ways you can get involved. Various areas of service include the following: prayer partners, assist with advertising, leading a half-time devotion, coaching or assistant coaching for basketball or cheerleading, referee, concession stand, baking items to sale at the concession stand, helping with evaluations night, greeters for practices and games, help with individual and team photos. If you are interested you may signup in early August or September or contact Kevin or Leann Johnson at 269-4509.
Orphan’s Ministry

Led by Lori Sullivan

This ministry exists to find practical ways to live out James 1:27 “Pure religion… is this, To visit the fatherless…” There are monthly meetings, awareness events and special events (mission trips and ministry opportunities).

Even if you are not considering adoption, there is still plenty you can do to help the fatherless. So join their Facebook page, attend the meetings, and volunteer for the awareness and special events. You can contact Lori at 214-0227.

Children’s Ministries
Led by Toby and Angela Crymes
Our Children’s Ministry reaches kids from 2 years old to 6th grade. Children are taught on their level and through Sunday morning and Wednesday evening programs. There are various outings and parties through out the year, as well as summer camp, spring retreat and Vacation Bible School.
It takes many volunteers doing multiple jobs for this ministry. If you love kids and can lead music, teach a class, lead a game, rotate children from class to class, put together a snack or craft, then Children’s Ministry is for you. Feel free to contact Toby at 214-0045 or Angela at 214-6649.
Led by Caitlyn Baker and Amanda Merritt
In order for mothers to attend MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) they need someone to volunteer and watch their children.
What better way to spend 1 day or night a month watching a child so a mother can better connect with God and other mothers?
If you are able to help babysit for an hour and a half once a month so mothers can be encouraged by this ministry please contact Caitlyn or Amanda.
Led by Will Thompson
Everyone who walks into Flatwoods Baptist needs to be greeted with a smile. Greeters are at the front doors before Connect Groups and Church to answer any questions guests or members may have.
If you love people and enjoy helping guests have an enjoyable experience when they attend Flatwoods then the Greeters Ministry has a spot for you. Please contact the church office.
Care and Share

Led by Jessie Morell

This ministry designed to minister and be a blessing to the sick of our congregation and the community. Our memberships brings meals after someone has been released from the hospital or after the birth of a child.

Care and Share volunteers are placed in groups, with a group leader who organizes the meals. Each group serves for two months through out the year. Who knew that something as simple as cooking a meal could be such a blessing to so many? If you enjoy cooking and helping those in need, then Care and Share is for you. Please contact Jessie Morell at 214-0326.

Faith Promise
Led by Ben Brown and Pastoral Staff
Faith Promise is our Missions Program. We are commanded by Jesus to reach the world with the Gospel (Matthew 28:18-20). Every year we encourage our members to pray and make a promise between them and God on a yearly amount they will give to missions if God will supply. This amount is between you and God, and Flatwoods uses it to reach people around the world.
So get involved with missions and pray and seek what amount God would have you give. If you have any questions you can contact Ben Brown or one of our Pastors.
Stone County Jail Ministry

Led by Gene Kinley

This ministry reaches the inmates of Stone County Jail and the Arkansas State Prisons. Meeting every Sunday morning in the Stone County Jail, and occasional special services at various times in the State Prisons, a rotating team goes to minister to inmates telling them about Jesus the Savior.

Teams are divided by gender and give devotions, sing and simply talk to these inmates. If you are interested in this ministry please contact Gene Kinley 214-0898 or Cloy McWilliams 213-6466.

LGS Missions
Led by Matt Butler
LGS uses short term mission trips to have an eternal impact on people of all ages. LGS Missions (Love, Grow, Serve) takes trips to help missionaries minister to their local communities and church family. Trips are led and organized and take place at various times through out the year.
If you would like to use your gifts and talents to minister with LGS, contact Matt Butler at 213-5850 or listen for announcements and sign ups.