Hey there Flatwoods,
Wow!  What an excellent first week I’ve had with you all!  My family continues to be blown away by your hospitality and love. We are thankful and excited at the same time.
I hope you were encouraged through our time together Sunday.  Jesus’ words in Mark 12 are so good and so clear. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength and…love your neighbor as yourself.”  Two beautiful commandments from Jesus, who promises to be with us.  King Jesus is asking for undivided loyalty and allegiance, followed up with selfless love for our neighbors.
I shared a quote Sunday night I find very solid.  “The goal of a disciple of Jesus is relationship, not perfection.”  Jesus isn’t after another rule to follow or a list to complete, he is after relationship.  So that actively loving your neighbor is not a duty, but the result of living everyday life in relationship with the Father.  I am praying we will run to the Father this week rather than seeking a temporary fix to our ultimate need.  I hope you will seek the lasting joy that comes from Jesus rather than settling for “a cheap substitute.”  I pray the Holy Spirit will work in and through you as you lovingly display and speak the gospel.
Here are a few next steps from our Sunday night gathering.  What could God do if Flatwoods lived this way in the coming weeks?
BLESS 3 people this week (one of whom is not a church member)
EAT with 3 people this week (one of whom is not a church member)
STORY…share your gospel story with someone this week
Please know that I am praying for you this week.
God bless,
Jonathan Johnson
– Pastor
If you missed Sunday’s sermon on The Great Commandment you can catch it here.

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