It was so good gathering together this past Sunday.  Taking a moment in our calendar year to celebrate the moms in our life is very special.  The shaping of the next generation is an important and tall task.  Flatwoods is very thankful to have moms who day in and day out pour time into training their children with gospel intentionality. 
The pressure in preaching this past week was very healthy.  God chose to declare His words to us through His written word, so communicating His word comes with pressure.  I desired to be sensitive to the women in the room, while communicating a message that was both relevant and applicable.
I shared a truth I hope will be a reality in the homes that make up Flatwoods.  Jesus is the hero of the story.  Culture, at times, declares a message that paints mothers as the hero of the story.  This is an unhealthy truth when compared to scripture.  Don’t get me wrong, mothers have a vital role to play in the narrative God is writing for their children.  However, the role isn’t to be the hero.  Scripture admonishes parents to rise up and carry the responsiblity. 
Mothers simply point their children to the hero who is Jesus.  Your work is to shape your home in such a way that your children sense Jesus at every turn. A gospel centered mother makes it her aim to trust Jesus, give allegiance to Jesus, and point her children to do the same. 
As you live in the everyday stuff of life reflect on the hero of the story.  As you carry the weight of responsiblity you must continuely find ways to remind you of the glorious gospel.  My admonition to you is this…
As your identity is rooted in Jesus (not culture) talk about Jesus and his teachings with your family (spouse/children), with a group of close church friends, and with those who don’t know Jesus.  When you begin to make this a purposeful effort, you will find that it is very neccesary for you to be with Jesus often.  Make time to be with Jesus in His word with prayer in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings.  Remember you are not adding something to your already busy schedule, you are taking what you are doing and beginning to do it with gospel intentionality.
Mothers, listen to God over culture.  Listen to God through His word where Jesus was and is always the hero of the story.
Who is the hero of your story?
Who is the hero in your home?
In what was are you shaping your home so that it is clear that Jesus is the hero?
If you missed last weeks sermon you can catch it online…

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