As I think back over our worship gathering this past Sunday, a word that comes to mind is WOW! What a great day we had together!
I think back over the months Flatwoods prayed for Ashley Dearien as she carried little Nash with concern in her heart. I think back over the flight to Little Rock and the many days their family spent waiting for Nash to be released. How awesome it was to see Matt and Ashley stand before our church to dedicate Nash to God and dedicate themselves to raising him in a gospel-centered home.
I think back over the 3 disciples of Jesus who were baptized. CJ, a man striving to straighten his life out, but knowing that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Robert, a believer for some time and his son Brandon, a young follower of Jesus, both declared their allegiance to King Jesus as they went through the waters of baptism painting for us a picture of the redemptive work of Jesus.
What a great time we had together Flatwoods!
If Sunday morning wasn’t good enough, we then gathered again to remember Jesus through communion and finished our time by praying together.  Sunday night I talked about sacrifice. This word has a thread that runs through the biblical narrative. In every case, a sacrifice was needed and a sacrifice was provided. Until one day the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world laid his life on the altar as a ransom for many. This was a sacrifice for more than one person, one family, or one nation. This was a sacrifice for the sins of the world. What a man!  What a sacrifice!  What grace!  What love!
As we enter into this Advent (coming) season, may we reflect on the first Advent (coming) of King Jesus and look forward to the second Advent (coming) of King Jesus! I hope we will be a family of families who prays together, plays together, rejoices together, worships together, and lives as sent ones together. May we be a church who lives everyday life with gospel intentionality!
God bless,


1.  Practice Praying, Pray Often, & Pray Together
2.  How can you change your thinking as you reflect on Philippians 4:8-9?
3.  How are you responding to anxiety? What response needs to be replaced with prayer and supplication?

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