Hey Flatwoods family,
Mandi and I took an anniversary trip to Mexico about 4 months back.  We absolutely enjoyed our time together  at an excellent resort, beautiful location, and delicious food.  I took time to reflect on our marriage, our family, our new adventure in Mountain View, along with my role as a husband and father.  During that trip I watched as dads played with their daughters, wedding receptions were set up, and couples were enjoying time together.  God impressed on my heart the desire, if not the need to spend some intentional time teaching on marriage and family.
Our STRONGER series is not shaping up like I expected back in November, but it is shaping up in a way we need.  You see if we are not careful we will allow those things that should be weak in us to become strong in us.  If we are not careful what should be strong in us becomes weak.  
Therefore, we know forgiveness must be stronger than bitterness.  Although I know this to be true, I often feed the monster of bitterness rather than peace giving forgiveness.  We know that commitment must be stronger than circumstances.  However, circumstances tend to drive the pulse of marriage rather than the life giving covenant.  Throw into this mix the current pulse of culture and we can quickly have a mess on our hands.  
I am praying through this series you will understand that there is hope for marriage and family as we point to the gospel.  You see in the narrative of scripture God remained faithful to his covenant with Israel and humanity in the middle of the mess they had created.  He sent His Son, Kin Jesus, into the mess of the world to personally handle the mess.  This reminds us that Christ is present in the middle of our mess.  The Holy Spirit is working in our marriage and family as we walk around the piles of mess we have created.  God is bigger than your mess, Christ died for your mess, and the Holy Spirit is working in spite of your mess. 
Please know that I am actively praying for you all.  May the Father cause you to comprehend what is the breadth and length and height, and depth of His love.  May you come to know Christ’s love that surpasses all knowledge.  I pray you will fix your eyes on Jesus as you navigate the complexities of marriage and family.  Unto him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or thinkā€¦
March 3  |  5pm
Match 3  |  following Sunday night gathering
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